Pittsburgh Discrimination Lawyers

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment law includes statutes that control how employers must treat employees, former employees and applicants for employment. Employment law prohibits discrimination in employment-hiring, firing, promotions, discipline, and other aspects of employment-based on age, race, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, and disability status.

At our Pittsburgh law firm, Samuel J. Cordes & Associates, our attorneys are powerful partners protecting your legal rights. We know employment law-in fact, we make employment law! One of our winning employment discrimination cases has been cited more than 700 times as a precedent by courts across the United States. We have won important cases in the U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Third Circuit, on matters such as age discrimination, disability discrimination, and similar employment law matters. For a knowledgeable employment discrimination attorney, call us today at 412-567-5444.

Examples of Employment Discrimination

Our employment discrimination lawyers have won significant verdicts and settlements on many employment issues, including:

  • Age discrimination. We have helped employees demonstrate that layoffs disproportionately affected older workers. We have litigated cases in which employers have treated groups of employees differently based on age. And we won some of the largest age discrimination verdicts in the Tri-state area.
  • Sex discrimination. We have filed and won suits charging employers with violations of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which mandates equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex. We have charged employers with sex discrimination in matters related to pension benefits calculations, violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and failure to promote based on sex. We have also filed class action suits regarding seniority calculations in which employers refused to include prior years of service for women who interrupted employment to raise children.
  • Disability discrimination. Our employment discrimination attorneys have charged employers with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and guarantees equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities in employment. We have helped people who have birth defects, who are blind, individuals with kidney disease, people with cancer, and people with multiple sclerosis. We have instituted proceedings against employers who discriminate against employees with disabilities in matters related to health insurance and pensions. We won the very first disability discrimination case tried before a jury in the Tri-state area. The law requires employers to help you work despite your disability, or accommodate your disability at work.
  • Race discrimination. Our employment discrimination lawyers have litigated important racial discrimination cases, including Hopp v. City of Pittsburgh, 194 F.3d 434, (3d Cir 1999). Like many race discrimination cases, this one centered on issues of public employees such as police officers and firefighters.
  • Religious discrimination. We have helped employees resolve matters related to discrimination based on the wearing religious jewelry or clothing and the refusal of employers to allow time for religious observance.
  • Constitutional matters in employment discrimination. We won an important case around the issue of the right to travel. When a public employer refused to give employees credit for out-of-state service in salary and benefits calculations, we argued that the employer's policy violated the constitutional right to travel out-of-state. We have also won cases in which employers prohibited employees from speaking out on public issues or for whistle blowing, violating the employee's right to free speech. We have all won political patronage cases.

If you have experienced employment discrimination in any of these areas, contact us today.