Pittsburgh Age Discrimination Attorneys

What is Age Discrimination?

When workers feel they are not fairly compensated or believe they are being treated unfairly, threatened or were fired from a job because of their age, employers may be sued for age discrimination or wrongful termination.

At Samuel J. Cordes & Associates, our employment law attorneys represent clients with age discrimination claims and in related wrongful termination lawsuits. Contact our Pittsburgh workplace discrimination firm to speak to a knowledgeable employment law advocate.

Examples of Age Discrimination

Our lawyers aggressively pursue legal action on behalf of employees against their employers in such cases as:

  • An employer hires younger employees over older, more experienced candidates for the same position, with no good reason
  • An older employee is passed over for a promotion and a younger employee is hired to do the job
  • An employer gives an older employee low annual performance reviews and subsequently fires them for a history of poor performance
  • Older employees are not allowed to receive job training and then fired following job evaluations for lack of flexibility in new assignments
  • Employers fire or lay off older workers in favor of younger employees paid less for the same jobs

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is designed to protect workers who are age 40 and above from becoming victims of discrimination in employment actions. When employers refuse to hire, treat someone differently from others or fire employees due to their age, a skilled employment discrimination lawyer at Samuel J. Cordes & Associates is prepared fight back on the employee's behalf.

Contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania law office to talk about your discrimination or unlawful termination because of your age. We offer aggressive representation, attentive services and a successful track record of employment law advocacy.

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