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What is Disability Discrimination?

Under the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) employers are prohibited from discriminating against injured or disabled employees. Even when an employee's disability has no effect on their ability to perform their job, they often suffer discrimination in hiring, firing, disciplinary actions and workplace accommodations.

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Examples of Disability Discrimination

Our employment discrimination lawyers advise and represent disabled employees in the workplace in cases involving:

  • Employers who refuse to hire a disabled person for a job where their impairment causes no limitations to job performance
  • A disabled employee who is the victim of wrongful termination for exercising ADA rights in the workplace
  • An employer who fails to make reasonable accommodation for mobility issues with injured or handicapped workers
  • Employers who permit harassment of mentally disabled employees and punishes the disabled employee for complaints
  • Employees with chronic conditions who are victims of unfair treatment because of their heart trouble, back or joint problems and repetitive stress disorders

Whether you suffer from a physical or mental condition, a permanent injury or chronic condition, federal and state laws require employers to provide a safe environment with reasonable accommodations for their disabled employees. When they fail in their legal duty, our skilled lawyers are prepared to defend your right to fair treatment through aggressive negotiation or litigation.

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