Pittsburgh Gender Discrimination Lawyers

What is Gender Discrimination?

While all races now earn more equal pay for equal work across the country, women of all ethnic backgrounds continue to face discrimination because of their gender. Whether an employer hires a male worker over an equally qualified female candidate, pays men more than the women performing comparable duties or fires a woman due to pregnancy, discrimination against an employee because of their sex is against the law.

The Pittsburgh law firm of Samuel J. Cordes & Associates has a successful history representing employees throughout Pennsylvania in gender discrimination and other employment law cases. Contact our experienced job discrimination lawyers to learn how we can help you.

Examples of Gender Discrimination

Our attorneys will discuss your legal options to pursue litigation for discrimination based on your sex, including cases such as:

  • An ambitious female employee is passed over for promotion while career-driven behavior by male workers is rewarded
  • An employer replaces a woman on maternity leave with a man, and puts her in lower position upon her return
  • Employers pay women less upon return to the workplace after years spent away raising children
  • A female worker is continually asked to perform excessively physical duties then fired for failure to perform the job as assigned
  • An employer offers only lower-paying jobs to women with advanced degrees or skills rather than lucrative positions
  • Employers fail to offer training and other career advancement opportunities for positions held primarily by female workers

Our firm's attorneys have a record of successfully pursuing gender discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuits against employers who allow unfair treatment, or treat women differently from male employees. If you are a woman who believes your employer may be guilty of sexual discrimination or harassment because of your gender, we can provide the background, skill and experience to help you fight back.

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