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Even though it is against the law, racial discrimination in the workplace still happens. It may not be obvious or as overt as it once was, but it is still there.

If you have been denied a promotion because of your race or suffered harassment while on the job, you have rights. Samuel J. Cordes & Associates can represent you - to get you the compensation, career opportunities and justice you deserve.

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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Nowadays, employers are sophisticated regarding employment discrimination laws. They rarely, if ever, overtly discriminate on the basis of race. Rather, discriminatory behavior happens in more subtle ways.

Minorities applying for management positions may never get to the second stage of the interview process. When it comes to career advancement, other employees with fewer qualifications may get jumped ahead of you. What start out as light-hearted jokes about ethnic differences can be repeated so often that they lose what little humor they had and constitute a hostile work environment.

The employment law attorneys at Samuel J. Cordes & Associates have extensive experience in discrimination cases and a track record of success. We can review your case and discuss your legal options.

Building a Strong and Persuasive Case

When representing you, Samuel J. Cordes & Associates will carefully analyze the facts. We will collect evidence, interview witnesses and piece together a true picture of the discrimination you have faced in your place of employment. Then we will take your case to the appropriate legal venue - seeking compensation and justice for you.

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