Pittsburgh Religious Discrimination Attorneys

What is Religious Discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace because of your religious beliefs or its associated practices is illegal in America. An employer cannot refuse to interview, hire, pay a fair wage, promote, or terminate employment because of religious affiliation. Allowing other workers to harass or abuse you, and refusing to take your discrimination claim seriously are also violations of your employee rights.

The skilled employment discrimination lawyers at Samuel J. Cordes & Associates located in Pittsburgh offer experienced legal advice and representation to workers persecuted on the job for their religious association. Contact an experienced attorney for help in the ongoing fight against unlawful workplace discrimination.

Examples of Religious Discrimination

We assist persons of all religious persuasions, defending their right to fair treatment in the workplace, including such cases as:

  • An employer refuses to even interview a Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, born-again Christian job candidate, or purposely hires one over another
  • Muslim employees are refused the right to uphold basic tenets of the religion that do not affect the performance of their duties
  • Employers fail to investigate claims of harassment related to a worker's Islamic, Christian, Jewish or other religious faith
  • An employer will not accommodate work schedules for a Jewish employee observing holy days, or Muslim workers requiring short prayer breaks
  • An employer or their employees discriminate against another worker based on the perception of a religious affiliation
  • An employer permits abusive behavior by employees of one religion against another or engages in wrongful termination

Skilled Legal Representation in Difficult Cases

Employment discrimination cases involving religion are rarely as clear as other types of cases, due to gray areas where dress, hair, even diet can play a role in whether or not discrimination has occurred. Religious-based businesses and government employment requirements also have special considerations. Samuel J. Cordes & Associates offer extensive experience and success handling many employee harassment and discrimination cases.

Contact us today to discuss your religious discrimination concerns with a knowledgeable attorney dedicated to fighting for justice in the workplace.

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