Pittsburgh Sexual Harassment Claims Lawyers

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can be viewed as a form of sex discrimination. When employers allow sexual harassment to occur, they are creating a different and less desirable, working environment for the victims of harassment. The law requires that employers provide equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of sex. Our attorneys have successfully used this argument in representing employees with claims of sexual harassment. For a lawyer knowledgeable about sexual harassment law, contact Samuel J Cordes today.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Our lawyers have represented employees charging many varieties of sexual harassment, including:

  • an employer requesting a sexual relationship in return for promotion, salary increases, or other improvements in working conditions;
  • an employer requiring a social dating relationship in return for career advancement;
  • an employer allowing one group of employees to bully and harass another group defined by its sex;
  • an employer retaliating against an employee who reports or claims sexual harassment by firing, demoting, or transferring the employee to a lesser classification or inferior work location;
  • an employer condoning a workplace characterized by repeated sexual innuendo, obscene or off-color jokes, slurs, lewd remarks and language, nicknames, and offensive sexual comments;
  • displaying or permitting employees to display sexually suggestive or explicit materials in the workplace

Our lawyers have successfully argued that when employers allow or even promote sexually harassing behaviors like these, the employer is violating the employees' rights to equal terms and conditions of employment, and thus is liable for employment discrimination. If you have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you need an experienced, articulate attorney skilled in litigating cases related to employment discrimination. The attorneys at Samuel J. Cordes & Associates have the experience and knowledge to pursue your case and secure workplace justice for you. Contact an experienced lawyer today.

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