Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyers Pittsburgh

There are no Pennsylvania laws that expressly prohibit an employee from being fired or discriminated against on the basis of his or her sexual orientation. However, if you believe that you are being harassed or were fired because you are gay, lesbian or bisexual or perceived as having a certain sexual orientation, you should consult with an experienced sexual orientation discrimination attorney in Pittsburgh.

For more than 25 years, Samuel J. Cordes & Associates has been standing up for the rights of victims of discrimination and wrongful termination. We will explore options that other lawyers may not even be aware of to ensure that your rights are protected. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys, call 412-567-5444.

Creative Solutions to Difficult Cases

Winning a sexual orientation discrimination or wrongful termination case is a challenging endeavor. Most attorneys will not even attempt to handle these cases because they are so hard to prove. Our firm frequently receives referrals from general practitioners who are unfamiliar with this particular area of the law, due to our proven track record and years of experience.

Our lawyers offer creative solutions to prove these cases under existing case law. We know how to ask our clients the right questions to identify other reasons for the discrimination or firing, from gender stereotyping and sexual harassment to gender discrimination and sex discrimination — all of which are illegal. We will explore every possible option for relief under Pennsylvania law based on your unique circumstances.

We also handle cases involving denial of benefits for same-sex domestic partners. If you and your domestic partner have been denied the same benefits offered to heterosexual employees, you may have what is known as a sex-plus claim. We are familiar with this cutting-edge area of the law and have been successful in winning these challenging and complex cases.

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