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In Western Pennsylvania, teachers are held to high standards of performance. In return, they work hard to live up to the trust placed in them. Some teachers however, suffer from inequitable treatment in their careers and in the workplace.

If you are not receiving equal pay, have been dismissed unfairly or have suffered discrimination on the job, you have rights under federal and Pennsylvania law. You can take action to obtain justice and compensation for the wrongs done to you.

Samuel J. Cordes & Associates is an employee rights firm dedicated to representing teachers, government employees and private sector workers in employment law matters. Our firm can represent you if:

  • You have not received pay equal to that of other teachers with the same level of educational attainment and experience
  • You have been denied a promotion because of your race, gender, age, disability or religion
  • You have been dismissed in violation of federal or Pennsylvania employment law
  • You have been denied your constitutional rights

Contact our firm for a case evaluation. An attorney can explain your legal options and discuss what we can do to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

An Experienced Advocate for Employees

Attorney Samuel J. Cordes has been representing school district employees and other workers for more than 20 years. He is one of Pennsylvania's leading employment law advocates with a record of success in ground-breaking cases involving equal pay, discrimination, the constitutional rights of employees and other matters.

When representing you, Samuel J. Cordes and staff will carefully review the legal and factual issues in your case. They will document employment law violations committed by your employer and argue your case in the appropriate venue.

Remedies for teachers and school district employees will vary depending on the nature of the case and the employee's wishes. They can include compensation for lost pay, benefits and emotional suffering, reinstatement or some combination of these.

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