Sexual Abuse Claims Against Schools

Schools are meant to be a safe place for students to learn with the guidance of trusted teachers, coaches and mentors. Unfortunately, educators may abuse their position of authority to sexually abuse and exploit students, leaving emotional wounds that may never fully heal. Though nothing can make up for the suffering that you or your loved one has experienced, taking legal action against the abuser can help with the healing process and ensure that no one else is victimized.

If you or a loved one has been abused by a teacher, principal, coach or custodian, Samuel J. Cordes & Associates will help you hold the abuser and other responsible parties accountable for their actions. For a consultation with one of our lawyers, call 412-567-5444.

Identifying a Pattern of Sexual Abuse

Schools and school districts have a responsibility to ensure that their students are safe. Any allegations of sexual abuse should immediately be investigated and the abuse should be reported to authorities. If a school or school district knew of abuse and failed to take the appropriate steps to end the behavior, it can also be held accountable.

When investigating these cases, our attorneys will look for a pattern of abuse, red flags or complaints that were ignored or covered up by the school district. We will closely examine the abuser's employment record and criminal history. Our lawyers have been litigating sexual abuse cases since the 1990s, and we know how to build a strong case against your abuser and the school.

The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania for filing a civil lawsuit against your abuser is two years from the date of the injury, or if your injury occurred when you were a minor, before you turn 30. Sometimes, children repress memories of abuse for many years. Even if the statute of limitations has run out, we may be able to help you file a sexual abuse claim against the school.

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