Voluntary Separation Offers

 Pittsburgh Employment Law Attorneys

When businesses decide to substantially reduce their workforce, sometimes they will offer voluntary separation packages, also known as "buyouts." Rather than the employer choosing which employees to lay off, the employer first allows its employees to voluntarily end their employment in exchange for acceptance of some type of severance payment. These separation agreements often include waivers of important legal rights, and may include other obligations such as confidentiality, non-competition, and non-disparagement clauses. Voluntary separation agreements are complicated legal documents, and you should not sign them without first seeking the advice of an experienced employment attorney.

Know Your Rights!

You should also know that if you accept a voluntary separation package, you may or may not be entitled to unemployment compensation. You can collect unemployment compensation after accepting a voluntary separation payment if you have a reasonable belief that you are likely to be laid off if you do not accept the buyout. Also, Pennsylvania has passed a new law that offsets certain severance payments against the amount of unemployment compensation you may be entitled to. If you have accepted a voluntary separation package, contact us at 412-567-5444 or 1-866-570-1680 to find out if you are eligible to collect unemployment compensation.