Cheating on Hours

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Sometimes it really is that simple. If you are at work, you are supposed to be paid. When your employer does not pay you, the company is cheating on your hours, and is acting against the law. The law firm of Samuel J. Cordes & Associates is based in Pittsburgh, and serves working men and women across Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Unscrupulous employers can cheat employees' hours in a variety of ways. For instance:

  • Your employer may require you to wait around before you clock in, or after you clock out. However, if you are required to be at work, or "suffered to work," you should be paid.
  • Employers may give you so much work to do that you must regularly routinely work through unpaid meal breaks, rest breaks or more than 40 hours a week to accomplish these tasks, but you are not paid for the time. If you are not an exempt employee, and your employer knows you are working past 40 hours but is not paying you, you may have a legal claim.
  • In some cases, the company will simply clock everyone out for lunch, and clock them in again later without taking into account whether the employees were working.
  • Cheating can happen when managers go into time records and falsify the reported time.

Our lawyers will make a complete investigation of the facts of your case to determine how your employer cheated on your hours. Once we can show what happened, we will bring a lawsuit against your employer for all of your legal damages.

In many cases, employers cheat many employees out of the hours they have rightfully worked. If your co-workers have been cheated out of overtime pay or other wages, our law firm can bring a claim on behalf of all employees.

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