Failure to Pay Benefits or Severance

Pennsylvania Severance Pay Dispute Attorneys

Most executives, managers and other key employees are employed on a contractual basis. When employees employed on a contractual basis are terminated, employers are obligated to pay any severance pay under the terms of the contract, as well as any other contractual benefits promptly upon dismissal. When companies fail to do so, their actions are against state law. If you had a contract with your employer, and your employer has failed to live up to the terms of the agreement, you need an experienced lawyer on your side with a track record of results. The Pittsburgh law firm of Samuel J. Cordes & Associates has represented numerous employees across Pennsylvania in disputes regarding the failure to pay severance and other benefits.

While Pennsylvania law does not specifically provide severance benefits to employees, severance and other benefits are often specifically negotiated by the employer and employee in an employment contract. In some instances, employers will allege that an employee was terminated for willful misconduct in an attempt to deny payment of severance and other benefits.

Sam Cordes has more than 20 years of experience representing employees in a comprehensive range of employment claims. He understands your rights under the law, and will help you recover all damages you are entitled to under the law. If your employer has terminated you based on allegations of willful misconduct, our law firm will make a complete investigation of these claims to determine their veracity. If these allegations are simply an attempt by your employer to circumvent the terms of your employment contract, we will forcefully and persuasively argue your position in litigation, negotiations and alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration. Our tenacious, strategic approach regularly results in favorable outcomes for our clients.

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