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Some employers in Pennsylvania fail to live up to their legal obligations in matters involving overtime pay and benefits. Some make their workers work through break periods. Others make them perform duties off the clock. Some employers make their employees stay "on call" and ready for work, even in their leisure hours.

At Samuel J. Cordes & Associates, we stand up for people whose employers fail to provide the pay required by the law. We understand the many complex aspects of the overtime laws and work diligently to obtain the compensation our clients deserve.

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Are You Exempt or Non-Exempt?

The employment laws enable employers to classify employees as "exempt" and therefore not eligible for overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week. But just because your employer says that you are exempt does not mean that you are truly exempt under the law. An employer can simply make a mistake when classifying an employee. Or it can be a deliberate attempt to deny overtime pay.

A job title containing the word "manager" does not mean that you truly meet the legal requirements for exemption from being paid overtime. Only an experienced employment lawyer can determine your true status.

If you have been denied overtime pay, Samuel J. Cordes & Associates will tenaciously represent you, in order to get you the pay and benefits you deserve.

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