Retaliation for Protesting

Pennsylvania Retaliation Complaint Lawyers

Employees who protest illegal behavior to management should be valued for their candor and honesty. Too often, however, these employees are fired, demoted or suffer other injuries for making a complaint. Employees should not have to fear retaliation for reporting illegal actions, or even actions they reasonably believe to be illegal. If your employer has taken some kind of adverse action against you for raising a complaint, you may have a legal claim. The law firm of Samuel J. Cordes & Associates is based in Pittsburgh. Our attorneys serve working men and women across Pennsylvania in the full range of employment litigation, including retaliation claims.

Retaliation claims can be based on many different reasons. For instance, an employee can protest discrimination on the basis of a protected class, such as age, race, sex, religion or another protected class. In other cases, an employee may suffer retaliation for reporting allegations of sexual harassment. Other cases may involve wage, hour or overtime claims. One thing all of these claims have in common is that an employee has a reasonable belief that an employer is violating the law. Our law firm will represent you in both the retaliation claim and the underlying illegal actions as well.

In many cases, retaliation claims are easier for juries to believe than other illegal activities. Regardless of the specifics, know that our lawyers will make a comprehensive investigation of your claims to give your case the best possible chance of success.

Attorney Sam Cordes and his associates, John Black has had substantial success representing individuals in both the public and private sector in retaliation actions. We will fight for your full measure of damages, which may include damages for your back pay, lost benefits and reinstatement. In some cases, you may be to recover attorney's fees and compensation for your emotional distress.

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