Retaliation for Requesting Accommodations

Pennsylvania Accommodating Claims Attorneys Protecting Against Retaliation

Pennsylvania is an "at-will" employment state. This gives employers substantial discretion in firing employees. There are limits in what an employer can and cannot do under the law, however. Employers cannot fire, demote or take any adverse action against employees who request certain accommodations under the law. Retaliation for requesting accommodations can take many forms, such as an employer firing or taking an adverse action against a worker for:

There are other circumstances where an employer may illegally retaliate against an employee. If you have reason to believe your employer retaliated against you, you need an experienced lawyer with a proven record of results. The Pittsburgh law firm of Samuel J. Cordes & Associates has helped countless working men and women across Western Pennsylvania in the full range of employment claims.

For instance, our law firm recently won a case on behalf of a police officer who was fired when he complained that his employer would not let him wear a Cross pin. He also requested an accommodation to attend church services on Sunday.

In order to achieve a successful result in your retaliation claim, we must be able to show that your employer took action against you for requesting these accommodations. Our lawyers understand what is necessary to build the strongest possible claim against your employer, and will fully investigate your case. Once we have gathered evidence of illegal retaliation, we will pursue your full measure of damages under the law.

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