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If a work injury has left you disabled, in addition to compensation under Pennsylvania's workers' compensation laws, you may be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many workers' compensation attorneys are unfamiliar with how these laws overlap, which could put your rights in jeopardy.

At Samuel J. Cordes & Associates, we have a unique understanding of the interplay between workers' compensation and the ADA. With more than a quarter-century of experience in employment law, we will ensure that you not only get the workers' compensation you deserve, but also are protected under the ADA and other applicable laws. To discuss your case with one of our Pittsburgh workers' compensation ADA attorneys, call 412-567-5444.

How the ADA Can Protect You After a Disabling Work Injury

Though an employer cannot terminate you or retaliate against you in any way for filing a workers' compensation claim, it does not have to hold your job or provide you with a different job when you return to work from your injury. However, if your workers' compensation injury qualifies as a disability, under the ADA, your employer has a duty to provide you with reasonable accommodation to enable you to do your job. This could include providing you with a light duty job that falls within your medical restrictions or extending your leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

In some cases, an employer may offer a disabled worker a "no work job" in which he or she is paid to sit and do nothing all day. It is against the law for your employer to treat you differently because you have a disability. If you have been placed in a "no work job" after a disabling work injury, you may have a disabilities discrimination claim.

We are familiar with all of the different issues and laws that may apply in your unique situation. We will ensure that you receive the workers' compensation you need for your injuries and lost wages and that your rights are protected by all applicable laws.

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