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Professor sues Pennsylvania school for discrimination

A professor of safety sciences says he was discriminated against by Indiana University of Pennsylvania on the basis of age and national origin. He filed a lawsuit against the school and administrators recently, alleging that the school treated him differently because of his age and Korean heritage. Discrimination based on age or national origin is illegal under state and federal law and should not be tolerated. Employees who come from other countries have the same rights as employees born in the United States, and they deserve to be treated fairly.

The professor says that after he was unfairly evaluated and then let go, he tried to file a grievance through proper channels at the school but was unsuccessful. He worked at the school for about a year before he was told that his contract would not be renewed. The professor says he was replaced by someone much less qualified.

Discrimination based on nationality is not always obvious. In this case, the professor says that the university evaluated him unfairly and told him that he was a poor communicator. He says he was treated like an outcast, given more work than other assistant professors, and left out of important processes at the school. If true, these are all salient examples of the subtle ways that discrimination can manifest itself.

His attorney told reporters that his treatment by the school raises serious concerns about the way that Asian people are treated in an academic environment.

The allegations are certainly concerning for many people working in the United States who have come from other countries. All employees have rights and everyone deserves to be treated equally in the workplace.

Source: Pittsburg Post-Gazette, "Former IUP faculty member sues claiming discrimination," Rich Lord, March 13, 2012.

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