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June 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania teacher sues school for retaliation

A Pennsylvania woman who teaches high school level English was fired from her job in Doylestown last week amidst a controversy about her blog. The teacher has filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming that the firing was in retaliation for her exercise of her right to free speech.

United States still behind on parental leave policy

The Family Medical Leave Act was passed in the 1990s to as a part of the effort to protect women from workplace discrimination and from wrongful termination when they choose to take maternity leave. We've covered those issues before on this blog because new parents are still facing plenty of challenges in the workplace. One of the major challenges is the availability of paternity leave.

Activist fired from job alleges retaliation, discrimination

Philadelphia residents expect to be able to keep their work lives separate from their other pursuits. In some contexts, such as government jobs, it is illegal for an employer to fire or retaliate against an employee for a political view that they hold. However, in the private sector employees aren't always afforded the same protection.

Hotel sued for restricting employee, retaliating

A luxury hotel in our nation's Capital is subject to legal action from one of their employees after management allegedly restricted him during a visit from diplomats. The employee says that he complained about the restriction and then had his hours cut in retaliation. If the allegations are true, the conduct by the hotel and manager constitutes national origin or religious discrimination, which is prohibited.

Judge 'seriously concerned' about viability of Walmart cases

In our last post we discussed the widespread EEOC filings against Walmart. Female employees there say that the company denies them job opportunities and pays them less than their male counterparts, and have been pursuing a class action lawsuit against the company for many years.

Female Walmart employees file discrimination claims en mass

Almost 2,000 women who work for retail giant Walmart have filed individual complaints against the company with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. The mass filing is in response to last year's controversial Supreme Court decision that found that the women's discrimination claims did not have enough in common to be considered for class-action status. The complaints were filed in every Walmart retail region in the United States, which includes Pennsylvania.

Facebook, privacy, and your job

We've previously discussed the role of Facebook in wrongful termination cases and wrote about the case of a young man who was fired from his job at the Library of Congress after a Facebook post led his boss to discover his sexual orientation.