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Former NFL employee sues team for age discrimination

A long-time equipment manager for The Rams football team has filed a lawsuit against the franchise and several other related entities. His complaint states that he was wrongfully terminated based on his age in 2011.

The man had been working for the team since he was 11 years old, when he began helping his father who was the previous equipment manager. He had been a formal employee of the football team since 1978 and succeeded his father in 1986. But despite this long record of service for the organization and what his spokesperson described as a "fabulous" record, he was terminated recently.

Since the man had been working for the team for so many years, he was almost eligible for extended health benefits and early retirement. He says that during the time that he was working with the coach that fired him, many comments were made about his age and his upcoming departure from the team.

He is pursuing damages that are so far unspecified, but that will likely include lost wages and the value of the benefits that he was denied.

Age discrimination is prohibited and no one should be fired from a job based solely on age. Yet, sadly, age discrimination still happens all the time and many hardworking people are forced to end their careers prematurely because of it. The man in this case has not been able to find work with another NFL team, so he has started to work with a college team, which requires a commute from Missouri to California.

Source: Washington Post, "Former equipment manager claims he was fired by Rams because of age discrimination," May 31, 2012.

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