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July 2012 Archives

Unemployed face discrimination during job hunt

We've written before about anecdotal evidence that unemployed job candidates experience discrimination. Now, a study confirms that this is a widespread phenomenon, and that unemployed people face discrimination after only one month away from their last job. The research paper says that the difference exists regardless of why someone left their last job or if they were fired or not.

National retail chain accused of racial discrimination

National retail chain Wet Seal has been accused of racial discrimination by a group of African American employees from locations around the country. One of the lead plaintiffs was a manager at a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania store location and says that she was wrongfully terminated based on her race.

Pennsylvania employee fired for wearing religious head scarf

A Pennsylvania woman working for a private security company says that she was wrongfully terminated from her job for refusing to remove her head scarf that she wore for religious reasons. The woman is a practicing Muslim and an EEOC lawsuit filed on her behalf accuses her former employer of religious discrimination.

Disability services providers discriminating against disabled

Earlier this week we came across a story about a woman who filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against her state's Department of Aging and Disability. When another headline popped up proclaiming that an employee was suing a disability services provider for disability discrimination, we assumed it was the same story. As it turns out, two totally unrelated lawsuits were filed this week claiming that a disability services provider discriminated against disabled job applicants.

Many employers unaware of criminal history discrimination laws

When the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released new guidelines on hiring people with criminal records, many Pennsylvania employers became aware of the issue for the first time. Unlike other groups protected by federal labor laws, the issue of discrimination against people with criminal records is largely unknown. Even employers who put a priority on proper training in equal opportunity laws may not know that this type of discrimination is illegal under the Civil Rights Act.

Military faces allegations of widespread sexual assault

Four Air Force bases are under investigation for allegations of sexual assault and rape of new recruits. One military training instructor has already pled guilty to rape of one of his subordinates and 11 more are facing similar charges.

Pennsylvania teacher sues district for racial discrimination

A dedicated elementary school teacher of more than a decade in the Lower Merion School District has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against her employer. The fourth grade teacher says that the discriminatory behavior began about two years ago.

Retired firefighter loses pay over comments on government waste

A retired firefighter thought that his legal troubles with the city of Pittsburgh were over after he settled a claim over violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He was two days away from retirement when he noticed a crew outside of his firehouse painting new lines on the street and then stripping those lines off the very same day. He spoke to reporters who came by the firehouse asking questions about the project and expressed concerns about the use of taxpayer money.

Discrimination protection for transgender employees

Federal law protects a limited number of groups from employment discrimination. Some states have chosen to expand protections for other groups not covered by federal law, including transgender people, whose struggle for equality has been more widely recognized in recent years.