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August 2012 Archives

After a layoff, age bias can make it hard to start over

Starting over and looking for a new job after a layoff is difficult for anyone. Especially for those who have spent a substantial portion of their careers with a single employer, the transition from a well-paid, senior position to applying for jobs at the bottom of a new organization can be daunting. Add to that equation that many workers who are laid off from higher paying positions are older and perhaps near retirement, and a good outcome becomes even harder to find.

Pittsburgh police accused of discriminatory hiring

We wrote several posts earlier this month about discrimination and harassment issues in the Philadelphia police department. Now there are allegations being made of racial discrimination in the police department here in Pittsburgh.

Former MTV executive alleges sex discrimination

A former vice president at MTV is suing the network and its parent company, Viacom, alleging that she was treated differently than other employees based on her age and gender. According to the complaint filed in federal court recently other executives at MTV treated the woman differently, including punishing her for inappropriate behavior while ignoring the conduct of others.

Pittsburgh company settles EEOC religious discrimination case

A Pittsburgh-based steel mill services company recently came to an agreement and settled a religious discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC was pursuing a compliant made by a former employee of the company who said that he was fired after only two weeks of work because he was unable to work on Sundays for religious reasons.

Philadelphia acting sheriff accused of racial discrimination

Four former employees of the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office filed a racial discrimination lawsuit in federal court recently. The former employees say that the acting sheriff who took over for an elected sheriff after an unexpected resignation discriminated against African Americans in the department.

Philadelphia policewoman files sexual harassment claim: Part 2

In our last post we discussed the disturbing revelation that the Philadelphia police department may have a culture of sexual harassment and coercion of female officers. While none of these claims have been put before the court, the allegations alone from multiple female officers suggest that the situation there is not good for female employees.

Former Philadelphia policewoman files sexual harassment claim

A former Philadelphia policewoman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss of four years, who she says repeatedly sexually harassed her and forced her into a sexual relationship. The allegations are quite disturbing, as is the fact that the man accused of the misconduct was a high-ranking official within the department.

Does weight bias impact promotional opportunities for women?

Most Pittsburgh readers have probably never experienced obvious gender discrimination in the workplace, but many have probably been a part of a conversation about a coworkers' health or fitness. A new study shows that overall, there is a strong bias against overweight people in the workplace, and that this may be a significant contributor to the glass ceiling phenomenon that many women experience when trying to advance.

Unequal Employment Opportunity: EEOC accused of disability discrimination

Reporters are calling a former EEOC employee's discrimination lawsuit the most ironic lawsuit ever. Indeed, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the government entity charged with investigating and pursuing employment discrimination claims made by employees. In 2011, the agency received over 25,000 complains of disability discrimination.