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October 2012 Archives

Employers feeling the consequences of failing to address discrimination, harassment

There are many consequences when a company ignores or condones workplace harassment or discrimination. In addition to low employee moral or a bad reputation in the community, companies are also being required to pay large sums of money to compensate victims of discrimination or harassment.

Age discrimination suit reveals troubling info about Abercrombie

A Pennsylvania pilot's age discrimination suit against retail giant Abercrombie and Fitch has revealed new information about the company and its somewhat eccentric CEO. Some of those details, including the information about the company's private jet, had led to questions about the state of employment within the corporation. The pilot says that he was fired arbitrarily and then replaced with a much younger employee.

Attorney faces retaliation after leave to care for pregnant wife

An attorney is suing his former employer, a multinational law firm, after being fired for what his boss characterized as "personal reasons." The lawsuit alleges that he was in fact fired for taking time off to care for his wife, who was pregnant and suffering from mental illness.

Wage gap for women takes center stage at debate

The difference between the average earnings for men and women in the United States gained renewed national attention this week after a young woman posed the problem of the wage gap to the two men running for president. During the second presidential debate, an audience member asked both candidates what they would do to combat the wage gap, which is now averaging 72 cents on the dollar nationally.

Legal protection still elusive for GLBT employees in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lawmakers have been considering a bill to protect employees from sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination for a decade. Yet, in all of that time they have not passed protections for employees here.

Worker sues former employer for nude photo leak

A man is suing his former boss for an invasion of privacy after an incident in which the boss downloaded photos from the man's cellphone and displayed them to other office workers. The photos were private, nude images of the man's fiancé.

Pennsylvania employees stand up against low overtime rates

Pennsylvania employees are working to enforce their rights to overtime pay. The court system has sided with workers so far, ruling that many employees who have been subject to tricky pay schemes by their employers are eligible for better wages. The issue at hand in these cases is how employer may use what is known as the fluctuating work week model, which is used to lower overtime costs.

Personality tests may have discriminatory result

A few weeks ago we wrote about the growing popularity of using statistics to select employees. Many companies are beginning to look to certain lifestyle factors such as how often someone changes residences. Increasingly, they are also looking to personality traits to determine whether someone might be successful in a given job.

Pennsylvania company accused of age discrimination

The EEOC helped a Valley Forge, Pennsylvania man file an age discrimination complaint against a local pharmaceutical distribution company. The man says that he was not hired for a position in their telecommunications department because of his age. He was 60 years old at the time of the alleged discrimination.