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Worker sues former employer for nude photo leak

A man is suing his former boss for an invasion of privacy after an incident in which the boss downloaded photos from the man's cellphone and displayed them to other office workers. The photos were private, nude images of the man's fiancé.

The incident began when the man asked to use an office outlet to charge his cellphone. When he returned to retrieve his phone after the battery was charged, he saw a group of people huddled around the boss's computer. When he approached, he heard them making lewd comments and laughing and discovered that they were looking at pictures of his fiancé taken from his phone.

Shockingly, after the man complained about the incident to the company he was working for, he was fired. The company said that he was terminated because there was less work to do. The man was also retaliated against by the staffing agency that originally placed him in that job. They told him after he complained about the incident that he was causing problems with their customers and that they would not be working with him again.

Retaliation for reporting unlawful conduct is illegal under federal and state employment laws. Employees should be protected when they report unlawful conduct by the company or a coworker, not fired. In addition, an invasion of privacy of this nature also constitutes workplace harassment, which is prohibited by employment laws.

Our Pittsburgh law firm helps employees fight back against this type of unacceptable conduct in the workplace. More information is available on our sexual harassment page.

Source: Courthouse News Service, "Cell phone hijinks Not Funny, Worker Says," Cameron Langford, Oct. 11, 2012.

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