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November 2012 Archives

Former Allegheny County employees claim age discrimination

Two former employees of the Allegheny County Controller's Office have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that the controller fired them because of their political affiliation and because they were older. They say they were replaced by younger employees who did participate in the campaign in 2011.

New whistleblower protections pass through Congress

Congress expanded legal protections for employees who report wrongdoing and illegal conduct within the government. Advocates for whistleblower protections say that this enhanced protection has been a long time coming. The effort to extend protection to government employees reaches back more than ten years.

Pittsburgh area educators sue school for discrimination

Three former employees of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh have sued the school's corporate owner for discrimination, saying that the school treated them differently because of their age. The plaintiffs are all in their late 40s or early 50s.

Pittsburgh-area woman sues clinic for whistleblower retaliation

A Pittsburgh-area woman is suing her former employer, a private clinic for veterans, for workplace harassment and whistleblower retaliation. Her complaint states that she was overworked to the point that she was suffering from panic attacks and then began enduring harassment after she complained that the facility was not managing patient's medications properly.

EEOC warns employers about criminal background checks

Earlier this year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidance that made it clear to employers that discriminating against an applicant solely on the basis of their criminal history was no longer allowed. The guidance was issued in response to the apparently discriminatory effect of rejecting all job applicants with a criminal history, since those hiring practices affected minority applicants more than white applicants.

More time to file FMLA complaints if employer violated willfully

The term "statute of limitations" is often used as a joke about legal jargon, but in the civil lawsuit world, it is no joke. The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time that an injured party has to file a complaint against the person or entity responsible for their injury. It is an important number to know and is different for every type of claim in each state. This is one major reason why it is so crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible after an incident that may give rise to a lawsuit.

Pennsylvania man files whistleblower suit against government

A Pennsylvania man has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his former employer, the Redevelopment Authority of Fayette County, located in the western part of the state. The man says that he complained of misconduct on the part of his colleagues at the county weatherization program and was subsequently fired from his job.

Baldwin Borough police officer files gender discrimination suit

A female police officer employed in Baldwin Borough, Pennsylvania says that she was the victim of gender discrimination. The lawsuit, filed in federal court this week, alleges that after she was injured on the job two years ago she was unfairly assigned to secretarial work.

Employers Cannot Keep Employees From Voting, or Threaten Employees to Vote For a Particular Candidate, Pittsburgh Employment Lawyer Explains.

November 1, 2012--With the national election just days away, Pennsylvania employees should know that their employer cannot take action to stop them from voting or frighten them into voting for a candidate of the employer's choice, a prominent labor and employment lawyer said.