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Baldwin Borough police officer files gender discrimination suit

A female police officer employed in Baldwin Borough, Pennsylvania says that she was the victim of gender discrimination. The lawsuit, filed in federal court this week, alleges that after she was injured on the job two years ago she was unfairly assigned to secretarial work.

According to the lawsuit, similarly situated male police officers were not given secretarial work after they were injured. The complaint also states that there were many other ways that she was treated differently than male officers by the department.

We've written about discrimination problems in police departments in other parts of Pennsylvania, so unfortunately these allegations do not come as a surprise. It seems that the culture of the police force remains difficult for women to advance in, and that subtle forms of discrimination are still pervasive. It is disheartening to see our public sector workers possibly failing to uphold anti-discrimination laws, which were enacted to help give everyone an equal opportunity to work and earn a living.

Officials in Baldwin Borough have not made a comment on the allegations in the lawsuit at this time.

Gender discrimination can take many different forms and can be hard to spot. Often employees who are being discriminated against by being denied work or promotional opportunities do not recognize the situation at first. Many people try to take personal responsibility and work harder to fix whatever problem they are being told they have, but the truth is that no amount of hard work can make up for sexist or racist attitudes.

Source: Baldwin-Whitehall Patch, "Officer Claims Gender Discrimination, Sues Baldwin Boro," Robert Edward Healy, Oct. 31, 2012.

Pittsburgh employees who believe they have been the victim of discrimination at work can find more information about employment law on our website.

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