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December 2012 Archives

Racial discrimination alleged by Pennsylvania man fired from U-Haul

A former employee of self-moving company U-Haul says that he was wrongfully terminated after three years of working at the company. The case was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and alleges several different instances of possible illegal conduct on the part of the employer.

Pfizer faces gender discrimination suit from Pennsylvania employee

The drug company Pfizer has been sued by a former employee who worked at the company's offices in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The former employee says that she was sexually harassed by her hiring manager started right after she was hired on as a full time employee after her work for the company as a contractor.

Age discrimination affecting Pennsylvania employees

In Pennsylvania and around the country, many older workers are finding it harder and harder to get a job, or to advance at their current job. Experts believe that this could be the result of age discrimination, which often goes undetected and unreported. Age bias can manifest itself in many ways, particularly in employer attitudes towards hiring people who are nearing retirement age.

Definition of "supervisor" determines liability in harassment suits

The technical definition of who is a "supervisor" of an employee who says they were harassed at work is often the deciding factor in determining whether an employer is liable for the misconduct. The basic theory goes like this: supervisors are acting as agents (on behalf) of the company while they are at work, and as such, their actions directly reflect on the company as an entity.

Discrimination against working mothers is subtle, but rampant

Many working moms in Pennsylvania have probably experienced a moment in the office where a boss or a coworker has expressed concern about their parenting responsibilities. These comments can often seem caring on the surface, but a study from the Harvard Business Review indicates that the perception of working mothers by their coworkers and bosses can also be costly.

Male employee pursues sexual harassment claim

It is important for Pennsylvania employees to keep in mind that it is not only women who can be the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace. Men may be vulnerable as well, depending upon the circumstances. However, it may not be as socially acceptable when the sexual orientation of men is called into question, or made public without their consent.

EEOC says store manager was victim of racial discrimination

People should not have to face racial discrimination in the workplace. Sadly, instances of racial discrimination still exist. In fact, a former manager of a Wet Seal store in Pennsylvania says she was forced to work in a hostile environment and eventually fired because of her race.

Pennsylvania woman sues North Versailles police department

A Buena Vista, Pennsylvania woman has sued the North Versailles police department. The woman was employed as a police officer for seven years and watched male coworkers receive promotions and get better treatment. For many of those years, she endured being called "crazy" and "dumb" by coworkers and was given less desirable assignments than her male counterparts.

Female shareholders sue law firm for systemic discrimination

A group of female lawyers who have worked for a large national law firm are suing the firm for what they say is systemic gender discrimination. According to the complaint, female shareholders at the firm were paid less, given fewer promotional opportunities, and were excluded almost entirely from high-level managerial positions.

District looking to review sexual harassment policies

The media is full of stories about inappropriate relationships between students and teachers, but what is appropriate when school employees date? The Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania, School Director feels that the school district needs to have a policy on employee dating; otherwise they could possibly open themselves up to sexual harassment lawsuits.