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Male employee pursues sexual harassment claim

It is important for Pennsylvania employees to keep in mind that it is not only women who can be the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace. Men may be vulnerable as well, depending upon the circumstances. However, it may not be as socially acceptable when the sexual orientation of men is called into question, or made public without their consent.

This was the situation for an employee who claims that he was sexually harassed in the workplace by a former male superior. He says that he was subjected to unwanted sexual advances and propositions while working and spending time with this boss.

He did attempt to alert his employer about the situation, but was persuaded not to follow through with making a claim. Instead, he and his employer were able to reach a settlement agreement in order to drop the sexual harassment claims.

One item that remained unsettled however, was whether the settlement agreement would remain confidential, meaning that the harassed employee's identity would not be revealed to the public. Without the employee's approval, the employer issued a press release concerning the details of the settlement agreement, including the identity of the male employee.

Now he believes that not only has he been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, but his right to privacy has been invaded, and he has also been the victim of defamation. He has filed a lawsuit for all of these claims against his employer.

The former superior denies that any of their interactions were anything but consensual. Whether that is true or not will be the subject of this sexual harassment litigation.

Source: Daily News, "Retired LAUSD chief seeks dismissal of sexual harassment lawsuit against him," Dec. 6, 2012

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