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Racial discrimination alleged by Pennsylvania man fired from U-Haul

A former employee of self-moving company U-Haul says that he was wrongfully terminated after three years of working at the company. The case was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and alleges several different instances of possible illegal conduct on the part of the employer.

The man says that he had been working at one of the company's downtown facilities in Philadelphia for three years when he was suddenly demoted and transferred to a new location. The company cited performance issues, but the man says that the performance issues were a cover for the real reason, which was racial discrimination.

The employee in this case is African-American, and he says that his bosses demonstrated bias against him while he was working there and when he was demoted. He says that his original job at the downtown location was filled by a white employee, and that when he arrived at the new location he was informed of a $2 per hour decrease in pay.

There are also some possible retaliation issues in this case. The man says that when he discovered the pay decrease and asked to maintain his normal salary he was told that the job was no longer available. He also says that managers at U-Haul may have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, since he had recently suffered from a serious illness.

Regular readers of this blog know that this type of conduct by employers in Pennsylvania is simply unacceptable. If the allegations in this case are true, then the man may be entitled to damages to compensate him for the lost wages and the emotional trauma of the racial discrimination.

Source: Pennsylvania Record, "U-Haul faces discriminatory firing complaint by former manager of Philadelphia facility," Jon Campisi, Dec. 21, 2012.

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