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Pittsburgh public school employee files discrimination suit

The former safety chief for the Pittsburgh public schools has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the district. He says that he was fired under the false pretense of an improper traffic stop, but that in fact the motivation behind his termination was his age and health.

According to the lawsuit, the former safety chief had heard comments on his health and disability status as well as his age. He said that his ability to perform his job duties was questioned because of his use of medical devices and his disability status, although these health conditions did not interfere with his performance.

The man served the school district from 1994 until late last year following an investigation into a traffic stop. He says that the district used the traffic stop as an excuse when they wanted to hire someone younger and healthier to hold the job of safety chief.

As we've discussed many times on this blog, employment discrimination is illegal when the decision to fire someone is made on the basis of their age or disability status. Employees who are wrongfully terminated on this basis have a right to sue their former employer to get their old job back or be reinstated to a similar job, and to be compensated for the lost wages and benefits from the time when they were unemployed due to the discrimination. In this case, the former safety chief is seeking reinstatement to his job along with lost wages, benefits, and commissions starting from the time that he was originally fired.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Former Pittsburgh Public School safety chief files lawsuit against district," Amy McConnell, March 15, 2013.

More information about employee rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act is available on our website.

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