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Engineer files discrimination suit against PA steel company

An electrical enginner employed with a Pennsylvania steel compay, ArcelorMittal Steel USA, recently filed a discrimination claim alleging that the company violated the Civil irghts Act by acting in a racially discriminatory manner.

The employee, Peters Abhulimen, of Nigerian descent, claims that he has been denied promotions and suspended without justification because of his skin color. That is in addition to an overall racist work environment, the suit claims.

Abhulimen has alleged that racist action began in 2008, just a week after he began employment with the company, and included name calling and behavior that he found threatening. 

Allegedly, one supervisor told the plaintiff that a black man should never be a white man's boss. In addition, the plaintiff claims that he was denied the ability to sit in on managerial meetings, denied career advancement opportunities and got false reviews set up to make him look bad.

The lawsuit even claims other employees were encouraged not to speak to Abhulimen and that at one point another employee placed bananas around his workspace.

Finally, the lawsuit alleges that when Abhulimen went to ArcelorMittal with complaints, the company did not respond adequately. The action claims that there was no enforced policy against racial discrimination during the time that Abhulimen worked for the company.

The lawsuit is asking for compensatory damages and attorney's fees, and alleges that the Abhulimen suffered from emotional and physical damages as a result of the discrimination.

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employers are prohibited from discriminating employees or applicants on the basis of nationality or skin color. People who believe they have suffered such discrimination should speak with an experienced employment law attorney to discuss their legal options.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Engineer files discrimination claim against ArcelorMittal Steel USA," Jon Campisi, July 9, 2013