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Pittsburgh Passes Paid Sick Days Ordinance

Pittsburgh United, an organization that strives to advance social and economic justice in the City of Pittsburgh by fighting for family-sustaining jobs and equitable economic development, convened a coalition of over 25 labor unions, faith, environment, women's and community organizations to work together to pass the Ordinance.

As part of the Paid Sick Days coalition, Attorney Block attended strategic planning sessions; researched Pennsylvania case law; helped draft a legal memo outlining the City's authority to pass the Paid Sick Days Ordinance that was circulated to City Council members; reviewed several drafts of the Paid Sick Days ordinance; advised members of the coalition as to what effect(s) the proposed amendments would have; drafted various amendments to the Paid Sick Days Ordinance; and worked with members of City Council to ensure optimum coverage for working Pittsburghers.

The Paid Sick Days Ordinance seeks to protect the public health by providing paid sick days for employees who work in the City of Pittsburgh. The Ordinance does not apply to federal or state employees, independent contractors, construction workers in collective bargaining units and their registered apprentices, or seasonal workers who work 16 or fewer weeks a year and are notified of their seasonal status in writing at the time of hire. Employees accrue sick leave at a rate of one hour of sick leave for every 35 hours worked. Those who work for an employer with 15 or more employees can accrue a total of 5 paid sick days per year, and those who work for an employer with fewer than 15 employees can accrue at total of 3 sick days per year. Employees who work for an employer with fewer than 15 employees will accrue 3 days of unpaid sick leave the first year after the effective date of the Ordinance and 3 days of paid sick leave thereafter.

For more information about the Ordinance, or to learn who is covered, visit the City of Pittsburgh website and the Pittsburgh United infographic.

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