Were you fired based on discrimination?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Firm News

Pennsylvania may be an at-will state, but this does not mean that your employer can fire you for any reason at all. If they are firing you for discriminatory reasons, this is illegal. They could get into serious trouble with the law for their actions. 

Do you believe your employer fired you for discriminatory reasons? Proving this can sometimes be difficult. There are some simple yes or no questions you can ask yourself that may help you make this decision. 

First, is there evidence that your employer had discriminatory reasons for firing you? Evidence may include voice messages, texts, emails, or direct statements from staff. Next, is there circumstantial evidence? Though this doesn’t hold quite as much weight as direct evidence, it can still be a powerful tool. For example, did an employer fired you after you revealed that you were part of a protected category? This may be circumstantial evidence of discrimination. 

Do you notice that only certain groups suffer from disparaging remarks from supervisors? Do employees of similar rank or position get treated differently based on protected category status? Even statements that indicate a bias toward certain groups can be discriminatory against others. For example, an employer saying they prefer male employees can be discriminatory against female ones. 

Are you curious to learn more about wrongful termination? You can start your search on our web page, linked here. Take a look at anti-discrimination laws in the state and how they interact with local businesses. From there, you can do a deeper dive into preventing discrimination in the workplace.