Addressing wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Employment law

If you recently lost your job and believe that your employer violated the law as a result of retaliation, discrimination or any other prohibited act, you need to review relevant laws and determine the best course of action. Wrongful termination affects every worker in different ways. Aside from generating significant financial problems, such as the inability to pay bills, wrongful termination often causes high levels of stress and even depression.

Moreover, those wrongfully dismissed from their position sometimes have a particularly difficult time finding comparable work.

What should you do if you were wrongfully discharged?

According to USA.Gov, if you believe that your employer fired you in a way which violates the law, you need to go over the laws in Pennsylvania and weigh your options. If you lost your job for a reason that is unlawful under state or federal law, you could have the ability to take your case to court or file a complaint. If you want to gather more information on this topic and develop a better understanding of your rights, reach out to the state’s labor office.

Recovering from wrongful discharge

There are multiple factors to keep in mind with respect to moving forward after the loss of your job. Try to stay positive and do not allow yourself to feel intimidated or hopeless. Focus on your financial well-being and look into other resources that could help during this difficult time, such as the extension of your health care coverage and unemployment benefits. Moreover, know that you are not alone and that many workers face these hardships.