Your employer cannot fire you for filing a complaint

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Employment law

If you believe something wrong is happening at your workplace, you may want to notify your employer’s human resource department or an outside party about it. Your employer is not supposed to take any adverse action against you for making the report. Otherwise, it may amount to retaliation, which is unlawful.

The law protects workers engaging in protected activities from retaliation from their employer or supervisor at the workplace. Such legally protected activities include:

  • Resisting harassing behavior 
  • Assisting in investigations into your employer for complaints against them
  •  Whistleblowing
  • Requesting medical leave or reasonable accommodation for a disability

If you were dismissed based on retaliation, you might have a case on your hands. It is well within your rights to seek legal recourse since the law protects you from wrongful termination. You may be in line for compensation for lost wages and any other benefits.

You need to show that your dismissal was unlawful

Unless you sign a contract, employment in Pennsylvania is at the will of your employer. However, they are not legally allowed to dismiss you as retaliation for participating in legally protected activities. Therefore, if your termination is based on reasons that violate anti-discrimination laws, it is necessary to protect your rights.

Your employer may give reasons to justify your firing, so it is crucial to have supporting evidence in hand. For instance, your could cite your previous awards or performance reviews of a job well done to dispute claims of underproductivity. In addition, providing time logs could counter a claim of absenteeism.

Do not let your employer get away with it

Being thrust into the jobless pool can be stressful, more so if you were unlawfully let go. Do not let your employer get away with wrongfully terminating you. Make the right decisions on the way forward regarding your case – it’s all in your best interests.