2 ways to help a colleague handle discrimination at work

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Stress and pressure are not uncommon in any workplace. Usually, all employers and employees feel this and share the burden. However, there are times when workplace stresses are caused by factors that are out of the ordinary. 

Workplace discrimination is neither normal nor acceptable, and no person should be subjected to it. Such situations are not always easy for the person on the receiving end to deal with on their own. As a co-worker, you can help, and here’s how:

Exercise compassion

Often, the most challenging part of addressing workplace discrimination is to acknowledge that it is happening and act on it. Just because a person is delayed in raising the issue, that doesn’t mean it never happened. Being an active listener means that your colleague has someone to turn to.

Prolonged discrimination can have lasting impacts, so it is important that people feel comfortable in raising the issue as soon as possible. As a compassionate co-worker, you can facilitate this process and ensure that it is resolved promptly. 

Don’t downplay the events

With the best of intentions, you may try to comfort your co-worker by saying that discriminatory behavior may have been unintentional and that they shouldn’t worry too much. In truth, if the person is upset, there is likely to be a valid reason for this. Discrimination should never be downplayed as this runs the risk of it remaining unchallenged, leaving behind a hostile working environment. 

Employees across Pennsylvania have the right to work in surroundings that are free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. If you have been subjected to discrimination or noticed its presence, there are legal options at your disposal.