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Americans with Disabilities Act Archives

EEOC settles first genetic information discrimination case

A spokesperson from the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that the agency's first successful settlement under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act marks the start of an effort for increased enforcement of the 2009 law.

T-Mobile sued for gender discrimination

A former T-Mobile employee is accusing the company of pregnancy discrimination, saying that policies at the call center where she worked made it impossible to keep working there while she was pregnant.

Can employers fine employees who are overweight?

We discuss the wide variety of ways that discrimination can occur in the workplace on this blog. While most of what we discuss, such as discrimination based on gender, is illegal, some types of discrimination are still permitted. For example, the law remains murky on issues of discrimination based on weight. While some scholars and courts have determined that weight, mainly obesity, can be considered a disability and is therefore protected, there are some companies who are pushing for a different interpretation.

EEOC to review two major pregnancy discrimination cases

Two new cases were filed with the EEOC recently will test the limits of disability accommodations for pregnant employees who are unable to perform their job duties as usual.

Pittsburgh public school employee files discrimination suit

The former safety chief for the Pittsburgh public schools has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the district. He says that he was fired under the false pretense of an improper traffic stop, but that in fact the motivation behind his termination was his age and health.

Pennsylvania police officer files disability discrimination suit

A police officer working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has filed a complaint in federal court alleging that her commanding officer discriminated against her based on her disability. The officer filed the complaint without the assistance of counsel and may appear before the court as a pro se plaintiff.

Personality tests may have discriminatory result

A few weeks ago we wrote about the growing popularity of using statistics to select employees. Many companies are beginning to look to certain lifestyle factors such as how often someone changes residences. Increasingly, they are also looking to personality traits to determine whether someone might be successful in a given job.

Disabled worker's case against United Airlines revived

A former mechanic for United Airlines had a major victory recently, when a court of appeals revived his claim against his former employer for disability discrimination. The original issue arose when a brain tumor left the man unable to continue his work as a mechanic for the airline, a job he had held for over a decade. While the airline's policy states that they will give disabled employees preferential treatment over similarly qualified nondisabled employees, the policy does not provide for automatic placement in a new position.

Unequal Employment Opportunity: EEOC accused of disability discrimination

Reporters are calling a former EEOC employee's discrimination lawsuit the most ironic lawsuit ever. Indeed, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the government entity charged with investigating and pursuing employment discrimination claims made by employees. In 2011, the agency received over 25,000 complains of disability discrimination.

Disability services providers discriminating against disabled

Earlier this week we came across a story about a woman who filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against her state's Department of Aging and Disability. When another headline popped up proclaiming that an employee was suing a disability services provider for disability discrimination, we assumed it was the same story. As it turns out, two totally unrelated lawsuits were filed this week claiming that a disability services provider discriminated against disabled job applicants.