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Racial Discrimination Archives

EEOC says store manager was victim of racial discrimination

People should not have to face racial discrimination in the workplace. Sadly, instances of racial discrimination still exist. In fact, a former manager of a Wet Seal store in Pennsylvania says she was forced to work in a hostile environment and eventually fired because of her race.

Pittsburgh police accused of discriminatory hiring

We wrote several posts earlier this month about discrimination and harassment issues in the Philadelphia police department. Now there are allegations being made of racial discrimination in the police department here in Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia acting sheriff accused of racial discrimination

Four former employees of the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office filed a racial discrimination lawsuit in federal court recently. The former employees say that the acting sheriff who took over for an elected sheriff after an unexpected resignation discriminated against African Americans in the department.

National retail chain accused of racial discrimination

National retail chain Wet Seal has been accused of racial discrimination by a group of African American employees from locations around the country. One of the lead plaintiffs was a manager at a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania store location and says that she was wrongfully terminated based on her race.

Pennsylvania teacher sues district for racial discrimination

A dedicated elementary school teacher of more than a decade in the Lower Merion School District has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against her employer. The fourth grade teacher says that the discriminatory behavior began about two years ago.

Pittsburgh teacher sues district for sex discrimination

Although most people associate sex or gender discrimination with discrimination against women, men also experience sex discrimination in the workplace. Men may not consider that sex discrimination is a factor when they are denied promotional opportunities or department resources, but it can happen and is not allowed in Pennsylvania. 

EEOC says criminal background checks can lead to discrimination

Criminal background checks are often a fact of life for job applicants these days. The accessibility of online records means that any employer, big or small, can do a relatively low cost background check on a job candidate. Many employers say that they do this as a way to protect customers and other employees, but the EEOC says that the practice has an unintended consequence of racial discrimination.

'The Bachelor' accused of racial bias in casting

The popular television shows 'The Bachelor' and companion show 'The Bachelorette' is being sued for racial discrimination. The lawsuit is set to be filed in federal court this week and is seeking class action status "on behalf of all persons of color who have applied for the role of the bachelor or bachelorette but been denied the equal opportunity for selection on the basis of race."

Shocking racial discrimination reported at Pennsylvania workplace

In an apparent case of blatant racism in the workplace that harkens back to what should be a bygone era, two employees of a Pennsylvania wastewater treatment facility have accused their employer of racial discrimination and retaliation resulting in dangerous working conditions. They filed the suit after two incidents of finding a noose outside of the restroom area. Both men are African-American and say that the nooses were intended to intimidate them.

Jury awards African American Corrections Officer large verdict

A jury awarded an African American corrections officer a verdict of $250,000 and set the stage for a total award of more than $400,000 plus attorneys' fees in a race discrimination case in Pittsburgh. According to the complaint, Thomas McClain was fired after 15 years of service for falling asleep on the job, while Roy Wyland, a white man, was not disciplined after being caught on video sleeping on the job.