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Religious Discrimination Archives

Pittsburgh company settles EEOC religious discrimination case

A Pittsburgh-based steel mill services company recently came to an agreement and settled a religious discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC was pursuing a compliant made by a former employee of the company who said that he was fired after only two weeks of work because he was unable to work on Sundays for religious reasons.

Pennsylvania employee fired for wearing religious head scarf

A Pennsylvania woman working for a private security company says that she was wrongfully terminated from her job for refusing to remove her head scarf that she wore for religious reasons. The woman is a practicing Muslim and an EEOC lawsuit filed on her behalf accuses her former employer of religious discrimination.

Hotel sued for restricting employee, retaliating

A luxury hotel in our nation's Capital is subject to legal action from one of their employees after management allegedly restricted him during a visit from diplomats. The employee says that he complained about the restriction and then had his hours cut in retaliation. If the allegations are true, the conduct by the hotel and manager constitutes national origin or religious discrimination, which is prohibited.

Pennsylvania man sues construction company for harassment

Anti-discrimination laws are designed to protect certain groups that are susceptible to harassment or discrimination from experiencing that type of prejudice in the workplace. In Pennsylvania and nationwide, employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of religion, which also extends to making sure other employees don't discriminate against their coworkers.