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Sexual Harassment Archives

Pfizer faces gender discrimination suit from Pennsylvania employee

The drug company Pfizer has been sued by a former employee who worked at the company's offices in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The former employee says that she was sexually harassed by her hiring manager started right after she was hired on as a full time employee after her work for the company as a contractor.

District looking to review sexual harassment policies

The media is full of stories about inappropriate relationships between students and teachers, but what is appropriate when school employees date? The Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania, School Director feels that the school district needs to have a policy on employee dating; otherwise they could possibly open themselves up to sexual harassment lawsuits.

Worker sues former employer for nude photo leak

A man is suing his former boss for an invasion of privacy after an incident in which the boss downloaded photos from the man's cellphone and displayed them to other office workers. The photos were private, nude images of the man's fiancé.

Transportation worker sues over boss's unwanted sexual advances

We have written many times on this blog about the shocking prevalence of discrimination and harassment for government employees. In Pennsylvania and around the country, we rely on state and federal government entities to act within the bounds of the law and to treat employees and taxpayers fairly and with respect. Unfortunately, in many cases government entities appear to just as susceptible as private employers to illegal discrimination, sexual harassment, and a host of other employment law violations.

Philadelphia policewoman files sexual harassment claim: Part 2

In our last post we discussed the disturbing revelation that the Philadelphia police department may have a culture of sexual harassment and coercion of female officers. While none of these claims have been put before the court, the allegations alone from multiple female officers suggest that the situation there is not good for female employees.

Former Philadelphia policewoman files sexual harassment claim

A former Philadelphia policewoman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss of four years, who she says repeatedly sexually harassed her and forced her into a sexual relationship. The allegations are quite disturbing, as is the fact that the man accused of the misconduct was a high-ranking official within the department.

Military faces allegations of widespread sexual assault

Four Air Force bases are under investigation for allegations of sexual assault and rape of new recruits. One military training instructor has already pled guilty to rape of one of his subordinates and 11 more are facing similar charges.

Deputy police commissioner accused of sexual harassment

A deputy police commissioner in Philadelphia has been accused of sexual harassment, retaliation, and stalking a fellow officer. The conduct allegedly began in 2008 and has not been formally addressed by the police department despite repeated complaints.

Sex discrimination settlement requires new policies and training

A federal law suit against the Department of Corrections in Arizona was settled recently, with promises to develop policies and procedures that will protect female employees. The new requirements are a part of a consent decree that the DOC entered in to with the Department of Justice. The discrimination suit arose when a worker at a state prison filed a complaint alleging that she endured sexual harassment at work for more than three years.