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Wrongful Termination Archives

Health Care Workers Cannot Be Fired For Refusing Overtime

Pennsylvania health care workers cannot be discharged for declining to work mandatory overtime and if they are they may sue their employer for wrongful discharge according to a just released decision by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Workers with lead poisoning fired for seeking compensation

A group of nine former employees from a shooting range say that they were fired in retaliation for filing a workers compensation claim. They filed the claim after their boss improperly ordered them to sift through soil at the range which was filled with lead and other chemicals found in bullets. They were not provided with proper safety equipment to protect them from exposure, and as a result became sick from lead poisoning.

Pennsylvania school district to settle wrongful termination suit

The Governor Mifflin School District has agreed to pay a board member $200,000 to settle a wrongful termination claim. The board member in return has agreed to drop all of her legal claims and resign from the district's school board. The settlement means that the board member cannot take further legal actions against the district nor will she be allowed to work for the district in the future. She is also not allowed to run for the school board elections for seven years. If not for a request by local media under the Right-to-Know law details of the settlement would not be available. The school board member was elected to the board after she had been fired from her position with the school district. She was employed as the manager of the school district's technology department with an annual salary $91,000. She was fired after being accused of accessing private documents involving the school's district's superintendent at the time. Other accusations of breaching district policy were also made.