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FMLA Protects New And Expecting Parents

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) prohibits punishing or firing employees for taking leave to care for a sick family member and discrimination against female workers for taking maternity leave. While most victims of this kind of action are women, men can also suffer discrimination for upholding their family responsibility.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law offices of Samuel J. Cordes provide aggressive and successful representation to employees in pregnancy discrimination and other related FMLA lawsuits. Contact our employment discrimination law firm if you face harassment or discrimination in the workplace for trying to fulfill family needs.

Examples Of Family Responsibility Discrimination

Our employee rights attorneys aggressively pursue legal action on behalf of workers against their employer in cases involving:

  • Mothers taking extra leave because of a doctor-ordered bed rest early in their pregnancy
  • Female employees fired or laid off for requesting extended leave due to a C-section or childbirth complications
  • Women passed over for promotion due to pregnancy or because they take regular leave to attend to their children
  • Fathers who take paternity leave following the birth of a child or to serve as a primary caregiver
  • Employers denying leave to workers to attend to family activities
  • An employer who docks employee paychecks for taking family leave
  • An employer forces a parent out of a job and replaces them with a childless worker

Our attorneys know employment law and know how to successfully address less obvious forms of family responsibility discrimination: parents forced into less desirable job assignments or difficult schedules, denied training, or given negative performance evaluations because of family obligations. We also handle cases for women who experience pregnancy discrimination in applying for a job.

Learn More About Your Rights As A Worker In Pennsylvania

If you have experienced discrimination by an employer due to family responsibilities, contact Samuel J. Cordes for a confidential consultation to discuss the details of your claim. Call 412-338-1195.