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We Protect Workers’ Rights For Public Employees

Employees of federal, state and local governments have all of the statutory employment law protections accorded to employees in the private sector. They cannot be discriminated against in employment matters because of their race, gender, disability or religion. They do not have to suffer sexual harassment in the workplace. They cannot be fired for reporting illegal activities conducted by their employer.

Government employees like police officers, firefighters and teachers also have constitutional protections that employees in the private sector do not have. When these constitutional rights are violated and a government employee suffers an economic loss, the employee can take action to obtain compensation and justice.

At Samuel J. Cordes, we represent government employees, teachers and other public sector workers in cases involving employment law and constitutional violations. We are experienced, knowledgeable in the law and determined to succeed for our clients.

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Advocates For Victims Of Discrimination

If you are a government employee who has suffered discrimination on the basis of race, age, religion, disability or gender, you have legal options.

Samuel J. Cordes is a firm dedicated to helping victims of employment discrimination and other employment law violations obtain the compensation and justice they deserve. An attorney at our firm will represent you with tenacity and skill – and serve as your voice in the legal system.

Violations Of Government Workers’ Constitutional Rights

In the private sector, employment is considered to be “at will,” meaning that the employer can dismiss an employee for any reason other than those specifically prohibited by law. Government employees, on the other hand, do have certain rights that those in the private sector do not.

Our firm has won landmark victories on behalf of government employees whose constitutional rights have been violated. We have prevailed in a case involving an employee who was discriminated against because that person moved to Pennsylvania from another state. In another case, we successfully represented a government employee whose public employer refused to give employees credit for out-of-state service in salary and benefits calculations.

We have also won cases on behalf of government employees in whistleblower claims and for those whose right to free speech were violated.

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