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Growing Stronger And Protecting Workers’ Rights

In Samuel J. Cordes, we have one of the best employment law attorneys in western Pennsylvania. For over 30 years, Mr. Cordes has stood up for company employees discriminated against, sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated and received unequal pay.

We fight for the little guy, putting your needs first when faced with unfair and difficult situations in the workplace. Mr. Cordes and his team will confront disreputable employers, untruthful and intimidating supervisors, and companies and organizations that turn their backs on their employees and the law.

Workers’ Rights and the Coronavirus

Samuel J. Cordes has been fielding many calls regarding what rights employees have in regards to the Coronavirus and has put together Frequently Asked Questions to provide some guidance.

Coronavirus Questions And Answers: What Do Employees Need To Know?

Skilled And Aggressive Litigators In Employment Law

Mr. Cordes and his team have brought many courtroom cases to victory, establishing many precedents in employment law. In retaining Mr. Cordes, you get a reliable, knowledgeable and respected team:

As skilled negotiators and experienced litigators, our attorneys have represented workers in a wide range of employment law matters, including:

  • Discrimination: age, racial, gender, sex, religious, disability and sexual orientation
  • Sexual harassment: unwanted advances, assaults and inappropriate comments
  • Sexual abuse: from clergy, teachers and mentors
  • Retaliation terminations: for being a whistleblower or filing a legitimate complaint
  • Wrongful termination: for retaliation, attempting to organize a union or even taking medical leave
  • Family responsibility: pregnant women and new mothers have federal legal protection
  • Wage discrimination and unequal pay: including unpaid overtime, cheating on hours and failing to pay benefits or severance

If you face intimidation, discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace, you need a knowledgeable and aggressive legal advocate. Well-respected by his legal peers and adversaries, Mr. Cordes has been selected for inclusion to the Super Lawyers list for 16 consecutive years since 2004.

When You Need An Ally, Call Us Now

We represent employees who have faced discrimination, been fired for questionable and illegal reasons, or are just ripped off by their employer.  We have a proven and successful track record. Contact us or call our office at 412-338-1195.